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Leader: [FoX]Venom FC: 5227-5658-5887

Member: [FoX]MeGa* FC: 1466-6673-8357

Member: [FoX]LewalD

Member: Star[FoX]



[FoX]Hyper* FC: 4541-1893-6172


[FoX]Ignacio FC: 2926-4781-3597

IDK IF [FoX] is STILL ACTIVE OR NOT…. - [FoX]Ignacio


Update 2/18/14

[FoX] doesn't have enough people, we need more people! Join here the latest NEW clan...


Welcome to FoX ~ Fighter of eXcellence

FoX is a fun, enjoyable clan available to all levels in Goldeneye 007 Wii. Born on October 7, 2013, it will consist of high-level players. This clan does NOT allow hacking or cheating, only to people willing to play fair and make the game enjoyable to others.


1 - You must agree and respect our Code of ethics (watch below)

2 - You must pass one/several test(s) provided by one of our recruiters. 

3 - You must be agreed by our Leader.

4 - You must create a gamefaqs account (if you don't have one) to be able to communicate with other FoX players. 

During the game  with your FoX account:

1 - You will never play with hacks 

2 - You will never use glitches in order to go up on leaderboard

3 - You will never cheat/ boost in order to go up on leaderboard

4 - Except in conflict, you won't kill your teamates deliberately. If you feel like the game is not fair and unbalanced, with a lot of foxes against one or two players, just stop and watch or leave the game. Don't switch teams to kill your teamates...

With other teams and players :

1 - You will never play in any other team while you're FoX

2 - You will never insult any team or any players.

     Defend your position if you're attacked, but be respectful.

3 - You will never use your FoX name/account to do anything else but playing

4 - You will never betray us or degrade FoX reputation.


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